There are several, seemingly different, bodies of work on this site. What unifies the work is my interest in the way theory effects perception and how abstraction emerges from objectivity.  This idea is rooted in science and inspired by nature, in which tension and conflict are creative. 


Sculpture    Exploring complex, multiple figure, sculptural compositions in terra-cotta I cultivate a dynamic system in which several figures interact physically. There is a spontaneous order that emerges through the interaction of individual figures which results in a complex, yet delicately unified, composition.  The multiple figure composition is exponentially more complex to resolve than a single figure composition. The individual figures must maintain their own spacial integrity while effecting the other figures in the composition. 


Digital    The classical, platonic Nude is governed by a conceptualization based largely in geometry, whether in proportional scales or basic two-dimensional shapes; the three-dimensional Digital world is pure Cartesian geometry. This geometric association drives my large prismatic steel and aluminum work.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man has a direct correlation to my work. Da Vinci was the most famous of many artists to interpret the words of Vitruvius Pollioin who said, in reference to classical human proportions, that the figure could be inscribed in a circle and a square. Buckminster Fuller developed the geodesic sphere by subdividing the planar faces of a platonic solid and projecting the convergent points along a radius to closely estimate a true sphere. The geodesic can be interpreted as a modern combination of the circle and the square and is the contemporary framework that I chose to engage Vitruvius. I am exploring how the figure can retain integrity and vitality within a heavy and onerous conceptual structure. In this case it is the marriage of the geodesic sphere with figurative elements.


Sketch Pad    Important and central to my working method is the process of empirical drawing.  I am dedicated to drawing from both life and sculptural master work.  I limit myself to the use of pure line as the drawing modality in order to reinforce the spacial physicality of the subject.  Drawing for me is an exercise of visual intelligence and disciplined critical thinking.